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August 23, 2004


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Michael Moore’s FAHRENHEIT 9/11 desreved the Palme D’ Or it won. To use an old cliche, it is a ‘hard – hitting’ documentary… and it has got me thinking in a way i have never before thought.

The thing that is obvious to most people now is that the world will not be the same ever again. But to me the most obvious fact is that America will not be the only superpower in this world of ours for much longer. From what i can hear and see, their troops are being slowly demoralised because of extended tours of duty. Even more so, since those extended tours of duty are for fighting a war that for most part they dont understand.

And the people of the nation will also soon be demanding answers as to why a war based on lies. As will the people of Iraq. Saddan Hussein restored electricity and water supply to most of the country within six months of the first Gulf War. The Coalition of the Willing has not done so even after having much more time and resources.

This topic will be continued in later posts. For now, Good Night


August 18, 2004

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Microsoft is selling Windows XP Lite in some Asina countries..supposedly a cheaper watered down version of the XP OS…. 🙂

Looks like the competition scare is getting to them.

August 16, 2004

Busy Day

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Today was quite a busy day. Spent the morning whiling time away as usual, listening to music and checking mail once an hour 😛

Then at around 2 pm my friend Chander called up to say that since the guys were all free we could go out somewhere. So we set off, 6 guys on 3 bikes on the wide open Grand Southern Trunk Road. Went all the way to a bird sanctuary called Vedanthangal about 80 kilometres from home (after lyin to my aunt that we were going to the hostel nearby 😛 she still dont know so anyone who knows her, dont tell her) . Funny thing was that there are no birds around there except the common bat which can be found even at home. But then Chander had his mind set on going there so we went there…spent about half an hour there and left again, this time for the famous East Coast Road (ECR).

Now theres this entertainment multiplex called Mayajaal over on the ECR. And my uncle decieded that if he is going anywhere for a movie, he will go only to that place, cos he somehow decideed that its close to home. So Chander and I were deputed to go buy the tickets for the movie there, and the other guys were to come there after a while and meet up.

Its been a loonngg time since i took a powerful bike for a long, fast ride on an open road. Powerful as in powerful made in India. Not superbike types. The road from the sanctuary to the multiplex is 1 part on the GST and most part on the ECR. And the ECR is one hell of a place for this kind of a ride. Average speeds were between 80 and 110 kmph. And the scenery is fantastic. On the right we had the ocean and the sea breeze was fantastic.

Finally we ended up in Mayajaal and bought the tickets and met up with my folks.My friends split and then we had a family dinner and movie 😛 Movie was good. More later.

August 14, 2004


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Have spent the day listening to and classifying my new music collection…after the interview yesterday was just too pooped to do anything else….and i just realised that i like Kylie Minogue. For someone who just abhors most pop artists this is a major confession 😛 still having fun listening to come into my world.

August 10, 2004

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i have sucessfully cleared my cisco exam 😛

more later when i’m back down on earth….

August 7, 2004

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welll i flunked my ccna exam on monday last….dit know i could actually get nervous b4 an exam but i did…and i failed the exam miserably 😦

on the brighter side…my dad has been veryunderstanding…did not yell AT ALL…so iget one last chance to write it again on monday….wish me luck 🙂

August 4, 2004

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My friend DD’s ( Dad is sick…my wishes and prayers go out to him. Here’s to hoping that Uncle will get better real soon.

Let me get this clear. My problem is not with Bil Gates and Microsoft. A lot of people think i hate them both….i used to..i dont now 🙂

I however am against their way of doing business. They are trying to create a monopoly and a kind of dependency on their product that is,to me, completely unacceptable


A few years back, in court, Bill Gates argued that Internet Explorer was an integral part of windows ad that removing it was not possible. An expert programmer in that very court went to work and unbundled the program in about twenty minutes.

Then again, Microsoft is trying to create dependencies for their products. They sponsor a lot of projects to computerise the schools in developing countries. By computerising them with computers running their own software. That is commendable. What is not however is their reasons for doing so.And then you have kids growing up using windows which is SO user firendly, that they will not so much as look at other operating systems that are not half as pointer friendly, but offer a much better option in terms of power and flexibility, if only they would think a little bit.

To me the worst part is that i spend a lot of money on the operating system or any other commercial software that i buy and then I am told that it is a license. I can use it, and it ends there. Not so with open source products. The very idea of an open source product is that if you pay for it, you OWN that copy. And you can modify it any which way you want. And distribute that modified software.

A while back, an Asian government asked one of the majors to provide computers to its people at a low cost. They were. It turned out that a large part of the cost was reduced by providing Linux as the operating system instead of Windows 🙂

Think about it. In India, the Microsoft Office Package costs almost Rs. 10,000. The same functionality can be got from the Open Office.Org package for FREE. The only drawback is the Open Office has a very small learning curve and is not as user friendly as MS Office.

The future is Open Source. That is the only path that i can see 🙂

Quote for the Day:

History repeats itself and thats one of the things that is wrong with history.

– Clarence Darrow.


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The earth has shifted, the fog has lifted and the most irregular and craziest blogger on this planet earth – The Insane Genius – is back!!!!

The previous attempt at blogging which was aborted by a certain someone who hacked into it and changed the password, cos she dint like my making fun of her.. 😛 .This new and improved blog will feature a lot of things from stuff about my life, my friends lives and how to shift to open source products for the betterment of your everyday lives…

I will update this blog about once every two days….do keep coming back for more and tell me what you think of my posts and me 😛

Quote For The Day:

The Label On The Box Said ‘Use With Windows Xp Or Better….So I Chose LINUX.’

(found on a badge on sale online)

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