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September 30, 2004


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My dad ended up buying my new mobile for me.So much for my getting a job and then buying one for myself.Actually he’ s got me a handset that is a lot better than i could have dreamt of with what i expect my pay to be when i do get the job :P.

My old handset kinda refused to get charged up after i made the mistake of cleaning the plug with a pin.It shorted and died 😀

So i go for my hr interview and when i come out see my dad waiting at the gate. Said he’d get me the new handset then and there. And did so too. Got me a Nokia 6100 which cost about 3 times as much as the one i asked for.

Thanks a lot dad. I’m in love with it, inanimate as it may be.

Today was kinda fun in a way. We (as in me and four of my ex classmates) gave an informal lecture of sorts to our junior batch in college.

We had never got along with them in the three years they have been our juniors.Hated them and they dont have a good rapport or rep with anyone else in college either. They have never ever sat in any lecture or seminar or any kind of meeting for more than 5 minutes without disrupting it .

Today they sat for almost two hours and listend carefully and asked intelligent questions.Did not make much of a fuss about the time either. Finaly someone got their attention and had to be us 😛

Guess when we told them all that we knew about facing interviews and getting through aptitude tests to get jobs and more they just could not refuse to listen….its their future after all.

And it feels good. Considering that we now gave our juniors the kind of guidance there was no one gave us.

Coming back to mobile phones. I kinda miss my Samsung. Although it gave me a lot of trouble and made me go around mobileless for about 3 times in the one year i had one thing was certain….its battery would last me 3 days with normal usage…well normal for me,cos i switch the backlight and other stuff off.And when i did use the backlight at nights, it was as good as a small torchlight.

The only gripe i have with my new Nokia is the battery. It lasts for a maximum of 48 hours and ther is no way i can switch certain power hogging features off-like the backlight 😦


September 26, 2004

please leave your comments when u read my blog….

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September 18, 2004

After A Very Long Time I’m Posting…Hence a Very Long Post :P

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Well, it so happened that a few days after my last post i attended the walkin test for tata consultancy services. The thing is , the first day was for for people with certain qualifications and nearly 16000 ppl turned up.So to get to the test earlier my friends made me get to the place at around 6 am.for a test whose first batch started only at 1 pm. All my friends live near the center but i dont.So i woke up at 3 am got into a train at 330 am and got there at around 530 am. There were around a 100 ppl there in line before us. And we got a test slot of 130 pm.

There wasnt much of a crowd on that day.the funny part was some other friends of mine came inb after me and they got to write the test at around 11 am….bcos there was not much of a crowd.

Wrote the test at 2pm.The results were announced at around 6 pm.We were told to fill in a form and leave. To use an old cliche between the test and the announcement of results, the tension could have been cut with a knife 😛

On september 3rd we were called for an interview.The first round was technical. Since I absolutely deny any knowledge of programming 😛 they started off on my other subjects..electrical enginnering and networking. The ladies interviewing me were caricature s/w company interview panel types…one lady who was doing most of the questioning had this ‘i know u dont know anything’ look on her face…and the other i barely noticed 😛

After a long wait…first for the tech interview…supposedly to be held at 1130 am but actually at 3pm…there was a loonngg wait to see if i had cleared it to go the next round the hr round.

Hr was simple.nice was around 7pm.He asked me something and i went on from that to something else which was only vaguely related and so on and then he smiled a lot throughout.Finally he said ‘thankyouwewillgetbacktoyou’.

A week later was told i was shortlisted. Went to fill in a personal declaration form two days back.Will kow in Two weeks whether i got the job or not…. 😦

other than this been pretty jobless.

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