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October 29, 2004

Finally A Job

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I got my offer letter on the day before yesterday.

Funny story though.

My friend Shobha had to go collect her offer on tuesday. There she asked the dude why i had not got mine as yet as i had completed my interviews before her.

The guy said that they had my offer with them for about a week and that they had not called me because of the confusion in the mass recruitment drive. They are coordinating for the whole of South India or some story like that.

Then they ask her if she can give me the letter cos it would be easier.

Shobha had a fever on that day. And she had not taken a file and being the nut she is kept the letters in her hand bcos they would get crumpled otherwise.

The bus was crowded so she gave the letters to someone to hold on to them while she stood.

And when she got off, the bus left before she could get the letters from that person.

offer letters lost.

She got sooooo upset.Cried a lot and got someone else to call cos she thought i would yell. I dint.

Neway the next day we called them and then they told us to come over.Gave us copies of our offers immediately.


Yesterday i had my medicl examination at Apollo Hospitals.

Again confusion.The TCS ppl had apparently forgotten to tell the hospital they were sending a lot of ppl. So the hospital had not prepared for 70-80 of us sudenly crowding up their place and after a lot of confusion we got our tests done.

According to instructions I had to transport my urine and stool samples across the city for about 30 km to the hospital.In bottles.Yes thats gross. But i had to.

And then after my first ever ECG, and an Xray, both of which involved women and was pretty nice 😛 i had my final physical examination.

The dude told me my bp was high.140/90.The way he kept going I thought I was going to be declared unfit.

Today i found that i have been declared fit.

So i guess by the first of december i will be working….

Now i’m looking for a java course to do in the month I have.


October 20, 2004

My Birthday

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Its already yesterday. And i’m 22 now.

Lots of ppl called,many messaged and a few mailed in or im’d 😛 .

Spent the whole day in Spencers. Think Shobha was upset that i dint seem to like the t shirt she got me….i do but then its not my type…but then i trust her and she says this is the type i’ve got to wear to work on firdays.

Besides i like it.

Except that it has nothing funny written on it, but let it be.

I still like it a lot.

Just got back from dinner at the Eden.

Gtg Sleep.

Will write more l8r.

October 11, 2004

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What else should i be,

All Apologies

What else should i say

Everyone is gay

What else could i write

I dont have the right

What else should i be

All Apologies

In the sun-in the sun i feel as one

In the sun-in the sun

I’m married

I’m buried


——Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)

Sometimes i feel just like this…all that this song seems to mean to me is that i am who i am and i have to be apologetic about it….screw apologising…i somehow cannot be the way i was…why in fucking hell do i have to end up bending over backwards these days?

If i dont want to talk to someone why do i have to be told to talk? She’s related to you. Yeah right..and that makes what kind of sense? She gets on my nerves screws my happiness.I wont talk to her.Dont call me to tell me this.

I think it time i stopped doing stuff i dont want to do.This is becoming too much of a habit.I just want to be myself.And not be sorry about it…just like i’ve always been.

If i werent already insane i’d be going thataway about now…

Screw life….its doing the same to me anyway.

October 8, 2004

Two Exhausting Days LOTS Of Confusion ….

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I had two really exhausting days. The past two that is. The day before yesterday i tried to install my modem in red hat. and found that the kernel source whatever it is was not there. So i tried to do a clean install and found that i could not install cos of some problem with the installer cds 😦

Spent the most of that night upto 3 am the next day. Then went met this dood and got Suse and Mandrake cds from him.Then i went to a friends place to help the dood finish some documentation. Took about three hours. Came back home. Then this other guy calls and says he want study material pronto cos he has an exam the next day. So my friend and i at 9 pm take a bike and drive down to see him. Finished that and then i got back home at something like 11.45 pm. And then started to install Suse.

Surprisingly unlike red hat it was quite easy.installed in about 20 minutes falt. but then i found that i did not have the source kernel either.

So i tried mandrake.It installed alrite but the source kernel cd was screwed 😦

by this time it was 4 am what with some hardware problems and all.So i went back to sleep.

Today i reinstalled Suse and now am looking for its source kernel. If i get my hands on pcq2004 Linux then i will change from suse to pcq just to c if the source kernel exists init 😛

i know.u dint want to know and its confusing anyway.

October 5, 2004

My Bday : October 19

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Got started on a new diet and exercise plan today. Have been exercising for quite a while off and on, but now the treadmill’s in my room so i’m kinda working hard…just hope i dont overdo it 😛

This wait for the TCS people to make an offer is kinda bad. I dont know what to do with my free time which i have so much of so i end up on all the tech forums i can find. And it is quite boring. Then i started going to some other blogs…there are some really good ones out there…and those i posted a comment in. Till now only one person has posted back friendly comment…the other has posted a comment “as a favor”. Thank you very much. Now i know i’m Bad 😦

Spending a lot of time wondering what to do with my free time. I got to know that i may have to wait until december to start on the job cos they dont have enough facilities to train so may ppl at the same time….if only they gave me a date i could at least go out and start on a new course. have been eyeing red hat courses for quite a while but i dont really know whether i can go ahead and join, cos its a 2 month course and i dont know what my joining date is…

Maybe i should just go ahead and join the course.

Maybe i should also post more regularly as the “sane genius” seems to want me to 😛

Maybe i should just finish with this for today.

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