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November 23, 2004


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now i really wanted to get into onmobile.

esp now that i’m getting around to liking bangalore.

dint pass the test.

found that out before i left the city.


now i hope i get sify….dont wanna get stuck in mainframes….i want only networking.


November 21, 2004


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well i’m posting this from an iway at cmh road in blore.came here to attend a test to work at onmobile.Since they are part of infy this is something like a second chance to get into infy.

took a bus at 1 pm yesterday and got to hosur some 20 km from the place i was to rite the test.would have preffered to stay alone or with friends but dad made me stay with some me relatives i had never met.

was ok.they were nice but then it was bugging.

finished test which was omniously close to being like the infy test 😛

met suchi and sriram after a long time…she is till the same 😛

now have to go meet me cousin.

before i meet him i have ti find where he lives 😛

more later when i get back home.

November 17, 2004

bad connection

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my phone line @ home is screwd 😦 dunno how long it will take to come back on….no updates till it comes back on.

November 14, 2004

Why Children?

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Death in Gaza is a documentary made by James Miller and Saira Shah. Its about the

children of Palestine who have suffered enormously because of the conflict there.

Basically it follows the lives of three young chilren in Gaza. Ahmed and Mohammed

who are 12 and Najla who is 16. Miller and Shah initially intended to make the

documentary with children from both sides of the divide, but then were unable to do


This was because James Miller was killed by the Israeli soldiers while filming for

the documentary. The way the whole video of the shooting (taken by a local film

crew) looks, it seems to be a massacre. Of the whole crew, all of who were wearing

TV crew flak jackets, with TV written on them, wearing helmets, waving a white flag

and using cameras, only Miller was shot dead. This seems to be a way by which the

IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) tried tho show who was still the boss around there.

Miller’s death has brought more attention to the film than the attention it would

have recieved had he lived. Ironic and morbid as it may seem, it is a fact. The

unfinished documentary has been released…unfinished because it wasnt completed

with the Israeli chilren in it.

I havent actually seem the whole documentary, but then the parts that i saw on tv

now were enough for me.

All I can see is someone who was trying to bring out the suffering of children in

the middle east to this world was killed, leaving two small chldren

fatherless…and the story of how many adults in the guise of nationalism and

religion are responsible for the deaths of many innnocent children who live under

some of the most extraordinarily chaotic and dangerus situations in the world.

Ahmed in the period of the filming has been recruited by the local paramilitary

organisation. The film shows him at one of the meetings. The leader of the paras

teaches him how to hold a rocket launcher. Then he hugs and kisses Ahmed and says

that they all love him very much. All this and he knows he is sending the boy to

his death. When asked how he can send a child to his death, stuff he says is like :

“We are men and we know responsibility” and “If Ahmed dies there are a thousand

kids more like him”.

And he says they all love Ahmed.

They love him because everyone killed there is a martyr…a death and the posters

come out…freshposters with the pictures of the person killed so that more

individual passions are inflamed and more new recruits are found…

Najla has had more than 4 young relatives of her’s killed. One was killed as h

emerged from school..another when he left from a private study. Now she wants to

know if she will also die.

I couldnt care less about the fighting. If only the children are left alone. Why is

it that children always have to be involved in the fight? Everywhere there has been

a conflict, be it the African civil wars, the war that was fought between the ltte

and the government in Sri Lanka or Afghanistan under the taliban..why does it

always have to be children also fighting?

In fact this has become so epidemic in Palestine that a while back when an Israeli

soldier asked a school girl to stop and she did not, he just shot her on the

suspicion that she had explosives in her bag.

When will this exploitaion stop??? Who will stop it and how??

And when people like Miler try to bring it out to the rest of the world, They are


But in the end…all I want to know is: Why Children?

November 13, 2004

Diwali and Anime….

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Ah well its day b4 yesterday was diwali here…had sleep though 😦

created my own mini mid ocean launch pad for the rockets 😛

The badminton court at home is under half a foot of in the middle of it,i created this small island types for the aerial crackers.

had a lot of fun.

slept till abt 1 pm today 😀

Today was the first episode of the much hyped Area 88.Boy does it rock…firstly it about fighter combat.

Secondly the artists have really taken pains to make the planes look true to life and manuver so as well.

If this first spisode is something to go by,i’m gonna watch it for just the flying.

Bigger diwali update soon…me tired now 🙂

November 8, 2004

My Walk

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Well,part of my 9 km walk has a half kilometer strech which has absolutely no lighting.One side has a dark forest and the other a lunatic asylum.

The forest part has pigs running around in it.They are kind of scary as they keep running around making weird noises unlike the oinks that i was brought up to believe pigs made.They sound like a weird cross between a dog and something awful.And they are big dark shapes.

I once had the misfortune to brush against one…it was warm,ahiry and it covered the part of my leg that touched it with some black goo.

The other side is a large walled and barbed wire fenced off mental asylum.According to my uncle when they had just started off, they used to badly ill treat the patients,even after taking humongous amounts of money as admission and other fees.Its pretty creepy 😦

Today a few piglets were running around.I walked past them and the next thing i knew…a loud noise and a large pig was running after me.

Had to run.Did the clever thing and ran across the road.Pig did not chase bcos of the traffic.

Now i have to think…do i change my normal route or do i just ignore the danger and walk anyways 😦

November 6, 2004

Meeting @ Elliots

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Ah well, we of the Digit forums who live in this city met at the beach 2 day.Only 4 of us turned up cos the others were all in the middle of their exams.

Was good fun,with ppl with id’s like drgrudge,wizard,smooth_criminal and me ig.

Every bit a meeting that proved the old rule of the net : do not judge a person by his nick 😛

drgrudge turned out tobe a nice dude who seemed every bit a good boy. Wizard was what i thought he would be. Smooth was a bit of a revelation but a nice bloke neways.

Was a perfect day except for one unintended meeting with a person we hadnt know till then on the beach…

This guy called Easwaran or so he called himself,came up and started to talk to us.

Was pretty obvious he wanted cash to drink.

As he kept talking it was pretty obvious that he was well educated.He knew stuff about flying that very few ppl know.

Gave him 15 bucks.The guys with me found it funny.

ont really know what i’m going to end up like..will i be ok till the end or will i end up like Easwaran in my old age,tryin to get ppl to give me money for food or a drink or whatever?

November 5, 2004

Listening to Lisa Loeb:Stay

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Remembered the mvie “Reality Bites” after a looonnnggg time. Dont remember why.Its one of the few movies on whose soundtrack i like more than one song. This is the mvie that has “My Sharona” and “Baby I Love Ur Way” on it.Those are most probably the first songs that would have come to ur mind 😀 Not too bad considering there’s even a cover of My Sharona by Nirvana.

Well Stay is also on the sondtrack.Like it a lot. Along with the song queued up next: Luka by Suzanne Vega.

Yes I am in a weird mood 😛

My class advisor from college is in hospital. His blood platelet count had fallen drastically over the last week and he was bleeding from his gums.Platelets are the stuff that make ur blood clot btw.

At least he was ok when i saw him.

Got soaked in the rain on the way back home. Wanted to take a rick from the station to my plac but the guy wanted 60 bucks instead of the normal 20 just bcos of the rain.

Told him to take a hike and took the bus instead.

Was fiddling with some new templates yesterday.So if anyone did not find the comments link today thats cos of the template changes. Have set it rite now 🙂

Was never really into the Googoo Dolls except for Iris either. Then i heard Slide…dont know why..lyrics are normal except for this one line: “i wanna wake up where u are”….never really heard the song before anywhere…always the same nonsense like baby i love u,i’ll do anything for u and all that shit…but then this one line sort of makes this song so complete..rather it makes it something else…something that i cannot describe here.

I know…inane 😛

I dont really know what to make of life.Its so good one moment and then shit the other…think i was happier when i dint really give too much of a damn about anything and just took life as it came.This becoming cautious and then trying to stop unnecessary stuff from happening,and worrying about the future…SUCKS MAJORLY.

oh and i know there will be at least 2 jokers who are going to leave comments about my choice in music.

not going to change it for u guys.


I wanna wake up where u are

I wont say anything at all

So why dont u slide

-Googoo Dolls.

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