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December 26, 2004


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check out the pics from todays earthquake.these are from on area id in the forum is ig so i’m not gonna post more about this now 🙂


December 18, 2004

Long Time No Post

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Because long time no net connection at home.and looks like it will be thataway for a while as well.

Have an interview with Sify on monday.wish me luck 🙂

will post again soon.

December 2, 2004

New Keyboard

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Got a new keybpard today.Feels inda weird.i was using a 10 year old mechanical keyboard that i salvaged from my cuzns old comp till now.i kinda liked the feel of the keys and the clack.but then it gave up today and now i have this new tvs champ keyoard with the wrist rest and all that.its kinda comfortable but then the feel of the keys aint the same.that said i like the keyboard even more bcos its white and the old one was dirty brown from all the accumulated dirt from all those hands typing on it.

Week has been boing so far.

My aunt and uncle are going to France on the 12th for 18 days so they have left for Pondy to get the visa.Guess they will be back sometime tomorrow.

When they are gone i will have to move upstairs cos my other aunt and uncle are going to come doen here to look after my gran.

When i told this to my friend all she wanted to know was “so u’ll be all alone this winter?”

everyone has a job.i’m sitting at home doing nothin except tryin to learn frominternet tutorials and sleeping all day.

this sucks.

worst part is no one is going to be free and around yet again when i need them around.

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