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January 31, 2005

long time.back with a job:P

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unhibernate complete.

well a couple of weeks back i go a job with hcl cisco….finally!!!! good break too considering i have a ciosco certification.

joined on the 17th.that too after quite a bit of confusion.i had my interviews on wednesday and thursday.but my actual interview was scheduled for the monday b4 them 😛

i thot they would inform me before hand as they had said but they dint.later on tuesday evening when my frend went to see the results….my name was there.

so i called the hr and after 2 nail biting rounds got in 🙂

been in training ever since.

have 3 evaluations and cleared one.have another on wednesday so wish me luck.

my first pay also came in today.and for 13 days i got a pretty large amount 😛

neways have to go study.

will write agin later 🙂


January 9, 2005


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Have been workin for the last week in Aid India. Doing relief work for the tsunami victims.

Have met new ppl,made frenz…felt like shit at the one time i went on the fiel.going back to the field.will blog again in detail after that.

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