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March 20, 2005

A Milder Interpretation…

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What I had forgotten about what was this.

Lately a lot of people,principally the vc of Anna Univ and few of my college types (that i know of) are going aroud saying that when someone finishes studying enggineering in one branch,they shoul stick to it and then work only in it.Otherwise they are doing a grave sacrilege.

Lets face facts….most of the people in engineering are there because they think that there is not much of a future in other branches of study.For most part engineering grads are able to get decent jobs almost immediatly after passing out if they have any sort of actual intelligence.This is taking into cosideration that many of the afore mentioned people dont actually know anything about their core subject.

I dont know much in E&E.I did not even want to do anything like E&E,CSE or IT.I wanted to do mech.But i ended in EEE.So i studied the subjects,cleared the exams and now am working in a software company.So are most of my classmates.

I dont see why this makes us traitors of any sort.This field is the one with the most opportunities in any case.The pay is decent.The prospects of future advancement are good as well.

I dont give a shit about what one does for a living and whether what he does for a living has anyhitng to do with what he or she studied in college.Bottom line is are you happy doing what you are? If you arent, stop cribbing and telling people what to do.Shut ur trap and lets see you first leave the industry and take up a lesser paying job in ur core field.Even after that dont disparge others who dont want to stick to theie core subjects….they made a choice and its theirs to make.Dont pontificate and tell us we are shit.

I love what i do.*line removed due to sensitive nature of information*.I sure as hell would not be happy with any shitty bus bar and stuff.

Plus today i found that a bad dream about death means good stuff gonna happen.Not necessarily a wedding 😛 😛


My World Last Week….

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Latest musical addiction: Steve Vai’s The Blood And Tears.Its actually an instrumental piece….Vai being a gutarist and it has some of the words from the Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Service for the Interfaith Call for Freedom of Worship in Tibet and Universal Religious Freedom .

“Let the might of your compassion arise to bring a quick end to the flowing stream of their blood and tears.
By their rough actions, these masses of cruel beings are bringing down ruin on themselves and others, so drunk are they with demonic delusions. Forge the glorious unity of friendship among them, these objects of compassion, and with love and mercy help them acquire the wisdom eye to tell right from wrong.”

Maybe i just like these words in it.But I have been listening to that piece non stop for the last four days…

Wilbur Smith is such a good writer…one of the prerequisites of a good book, to me at least is that it should take me away into its own world and his books do just that.I came home tired and wanting to sleep and started on “the Sunbird” at six.Got really engrossed into the book and by the time I realised the time it was around 9 pm.Excellent book.

Went out on a team outing on thursday to MGM resort.Good fun.A little around 4pm four of us guys went tot the restraunt and sat there and had a drink.Twas very peaceful and so damn relaxing.We have promised ourselves that we will got there and do this every weekend.With or without the drink.Just got and sit there.

Went and saw the movie RAM today.Was run of the mill psycho tamil movie.Pretty ok but ending was very lame.

Got my dad’s bday gift.Spent the most that i have spent at one time of my own money on it and also use my debit card.God save me now 😛

Gonna go sleep now….have an overwhelming feeling that i am forgetting to say something though 😦

March 6, 2005


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Suddenly I have taken to listening to two songs of Godsmack…..somehow I cannot understand this latest fascination.

One Song is I stand alone and liking that I can understand practically…. but the other, Voodoo I cannot….maybe the song just sounds nice?

Aside from that i have got addicted to this web comic called Something Positive… its pretty funny and I would recommend it highly to most people especially cynics 😛

Work hasnt really got into full swing yet. I am into my project team and am *totally* having fun 😛
Buch of cool guys.And the three guys around me have become good friends. To begin with there’s t Karthik.Then there is Poovi.He’s a Coorgi and is bent on learning Tamil.Plus he is also bent on teachin me Kannada Slang 😀 And then there is Sathish.BAsically ever since I got there the place has got really noisy, what with me trying to learn from three people at the same ime and also trying other assorted crap like having a *LOT* of fun 😛 😛

From wednesday on next week i have to spend three days in the office where I did my training…Quality and some tech stuff…..something tells me quality is gonna be a lot of english and little else 😦 😦

Someting tells me that I am gonna miss both Mark Knopfler concerts…

Had a very weird dream for three days in a row.I am in jail and am feeling overwhelmingly hopeful.Then the cops come and take me away.At the last moment when its all balck and I know that there is no escape a feeling of desperation just takes over me and then all goes black and I wake up.

The feeling of desperation lasts for a while and man it makes me feel sick.

The thing is I told a friend of mine about this dream and then she said her mom said i was to wash my feet before i sleep.

I told my aunt the same thing and she tells me that I am gonna get married soon.Whyd o they equate marraige to death in dreams???

Any other interpretations? PLs let me know 😀

Gonna go sleep.

Currently listening to Cos I’M High by Afroman ======> Hilarious song if you listen to the lyrics 😛 😛

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