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May 28, 2005


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This sucks.My comp got fried a couple of weeks back.Did not have the time to fix it and now when i did take a look at it a few minutes back,its nothing i can fix.Need help 😦 Will possibly get it only in about a week more.
Life has been hectic.
One of my closest friends from work left. He now works for one of our clients competitors and from the looks of it is having a lot of fun…..but boring at work without him around.
Saw a movie kanaa kandein….movie was not very good but soundtrack was good and then the villan was absolute toops.Guy is a mallu actor and man does he do the role justice….excellent acting to say the least.
Work was hectic for about the last two weeks.Think it will settle down for the next one week.
Dad lost his mobile at a movie.Guy who stole it was a pro.Switched it off immediately and then removed the sim.Now he has bought himself a 6670…..have to see it and fiddle with it yet 😛
Saw all the three major tamil movie releases for the new year.Mumbai Express sucked.Sachein was worse.Chandramukhi was good.
Saw the original of the movie in malayalam on tv…..Shobhana is definitely much much better an actress when compared to Jyothika.
Mind block cannot think of much to write.Most prob gonna watch revenge of the sith tomorrow with frends…..will blog again later.


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