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August 31, 2006


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Too Tired to find 2 more links…standingonthebox is fun to read, kevinsites is good…
another recommended blog, esp the latest post is
yet another : 🙂


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Happy Birfday 🙂

August 28, 2006

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After one week of sitting at home, half bed ridden with high bp…finally going back to work.And wake up with a headache…aarrghhh…i hate this…I dont want to go back to work now 😦

August 24, 2006


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It was K’s birfday on 16th Aug and we went out to dinner on the 17th. Dinner was The Crown.

Now the Crown has two places where you can sit.There is the inside which is a normal restaurant and then there is the outside deck.The deck has a beautiful view of the city….some 7-8 floors above and the beautiful city at night spread out below.Marred only by the sight of Saravana Stores on on side.But if you go late enough, the place wont be visible.

I got to the towers and was waiting for K who had gone off to get all beautiful and all. Place with a history for me, of sorts….this was where my best pals sisters reception was held some years back and has a lot of memories. He is in India on vacation and was in blore for the week, so tried calling him then, but couldnt get thro 😦

After a bit of waiting and getting stomach burnt by looking at the SriLankan food festival, I went up and was informed that due to a light drizzle, the deck could not be used. So I took an inside table and started on a Tall Islander when K turned up. And then we went off to the deck, cos the rain stopped 😀

There we had a couple more drinks and wanted to order the main course. We settled on the Signature Kebab Platter and told this to the waiter.

Us : We’ll have the Signature kebabs.
Waiter: large or two large.
Us (thinking aout size of platter) : Will one large be enough for two or should we have two?
Waiter (rather flumoxxed) : One should be ok

Waiter goes away and we are wondering.

Chap returns with on glass of Signature, large and vague smug look on face. Signature, for those who dont know is Whiskey.

We then have a nice laugh, send it back and then go onto order correctly from waiter who knew what was on menu.

And later regretted sending the drink back.

Dinner went well, we had fun, we ordered dessert and were about to leave when the birthday cake finally arrived.

: For dessert I had tiramisu and K had an expresso..and she wanted demerara with it.
The waiter on being asked for this : “I hope we dont have demerara, let me check” 😀

Ah well….longer post in abit.Lotsa stuff happening, I am unwell and at home.

Worst part being K not in town. I miss u muchly…come back 😦

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