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December 10, 2006

Good Morning Sar…

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And I thought I was the only one who used to say Good Morning at weird times of day.

Today while coming back from Beasant Nagar beach with B, through the blue cross router, we were stopped by the cops for checking.

After checking Bs license and letting us off, we heard the cop talk to a superior on the radio, as we were pulling away.

He started the conversation with “Sar, Good Maarning Sar.”

And I just realised i said router instead of route.
And that I am using route instead of road.

Been having a bit of fun for the past month or so.Quite a bit. Thats what has been keepin me sane.

Essentially, saturday nights we dont get home before 2 AM.

Saw Casino Royale.
Good Movie, new JB is pretty good.

Very convincing and all that.

B and Thumper were to join the doctor, rg and me for the movie.
They land up about 10 minutes late.

As usual, Thumper was to blame. Apprently came at 10 for 10:15 show to pick B up. And then slowly filled fuel. And then tried to convince B that the time was 9:50 by showing his watch.

Still had fun. T then asked B a few days later if he had seen Casino Royale.
After sitting next to him through the whole movie minus ten minutes at the start.

The two of them went and saw VV last monday. Cos I was too busy to go see Dhoom2 wit them.
Today T asked B if he had seen VV.

Fascinating fella, this T. And his Jaanu.
Who is the real thumper when there is no starting trouble.

I always say the love is one sided.From T to Jaanu and not reciprocated.
Oh never mind.

Last weekend went the Pondy.
Left around 6 AM and had breakfast at the Mamalla Anexxe.
The got to Alahambara for a boat ride.
Chap took us to a nearby island and then back.
On the way back I had a bright idea.Asked him to drop us off at the centre of the ruins instead of the edge.
Which he tried to execute.
And then we ended up wading through ankle deep water ‘cos the boat ran aground on some sand bank.

Went into auroville after losing the way a couple of times.Werent able to go to the Matr Mandir, so had lunch and made our way to Chunnambar and took the boat to the island.

Had a couple of beers, tried playing cricket and ended up playing catch.

Went back to the mainland and then the normal gang (Scam, DJ, Das, Kr) split to go buy DVD’s.
We (B, the tortoise and self) went to the rock beach. And then to the Promenade to enquire the rates.
Ended up having the best cold coffee ever at the Cafe le Soleil.

Came back late at night, listening to B talk.

Which he does more of than me 😛

Organinsing team outing tmrw…hope its a sucess.
Would be the last one for more than one of the team.
Both ppl who I will miss.

Current Playlist:
Lynard Skynard : Freebird
Lisa Loeb : Stay
Wyclef Jean : Gone ’til November

Stuff I havent heard or heard in a long time.
Stay is lovely.
Wish I could say that to someone and then have it happen.

Every time I make a run, girl, you turn around and cry
I aks myself why, oh why
See, you must understand, I cant work a 9 to 5
So Ill be gone til november….


December 3, 2006

Unhibernate :-)

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Unhibernating after a long time.
Two comp crashes and a lot of data lost.
Lots happening, less time to write about it…

Among other things, went to Yelagiri and Yercaud on bike.
Had a lot of fun. Over 2000 km run on these out of twon trips.
Off to Pondy tmrw with Bharat, my pal from orkut.

Bday happened. Cakeless yet another year.

CuznBro turned up one day late.
Got me a new helmet.
The helmet he had been using while flying his MiG21 🙂

K is bak in town…not met yet, but that should be a while, considering
she is always busy. And has forgotten to call me as she had promised sometime earlier today.

The cousin from France came.Aunt also came.Spent some time with them.
Usual questions as to when I intend to visit.
Aunt was rather bugged. And gave it to me 😦

Ahh well, the siamese twin had come earlier around August.
Made him buy my camera from the US0fA…about the biggest purchase made after my bike.
And tied with my computer. Actually 200 bucks less.

He also got me some Bailey’s Irish Cream.CuznBro is in France now.
Making him get me some again.Gotten kina addicted to it.

And, he also got me and iPOD video. One that died in a month and then
had to be replaced under warranty, but then I gots iPOD video now 🙂

One that travels with me on my bike, playing moojiks all the time 🙂

Plan for new year are afoot.Plan A has sorta crashed.
Plan B is being formed…lets see what works out 🙂

Is about all.
Only, I haven’t got cake at all for another year 😦

Evryone gets one except me.

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