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May 29, 2007

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God, Grant me the Serenity,
To accept the things I cannot change,
The Courage, to change the things I can,
And the Wisdom, to know the DIFFERENCE.


May 21, 2007

Sunset, Adayar Bridge, 20 May 2007 , 18:21:46,

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May 12, 2007

Late Night Rides, Old Friends, Heat, Powercuts…….

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Today was fucking hot. Rode to Tam around 7 PM. Trinayan got rather hot and was growling more than usual when pushed past 6k revs. Got to the hospital, hung out with my uncle and then went on home. When I got home, I felt Trin’s fuel tank and got a nice surprise. It was hot 😦

Left after about an hour and as I was at Pallavaram signal, it began raining. Not real sharp showers and all, but a nice drizzle to cool things down. Stopped at around the airport. Was lovely riding in the rain. And the spectacular lightning strikes that I saw on the way from around Chromepet added to the beauty of the night. Trin cooled down a bit and I had the heart to push again 😛

Its so much fun to ride in the rain. The smell of the earth is still the same, in spite of all the pollution. No exhaust fumes, not even from dying, unmaintained diesel engines can kill the smell. And I was tired out of my mind, now I am awake and writing this, a lot less tired.

Its been awhile. Laziness for a bit. A lot of work. Running behind everything, going slightly insane. Change of domains within the team, and staying for 12+ hours everyday to finish work after a long time. Its painful to be in Ambattur. In Vad, I could pop out for personal work and work as late as I liked without worrying about getting home, which was only a five minute walk away.

Ka had come down a few months back for one of his brothers wedding. Another got married last month, so he’s still here, waiting to go back to UK. The bro’s wedding was in Arakkonam. Went through the Bangalore highway and then through Takkolam. Brilliant road, curvy, smooth, empty except for a few places. Rode hard and fast to there and back. Had Vella (Scientist) , a college type, pillioning with me. Scam and Tortoise on the T’s 150. Vella, as usual clucking his disapproval and any other conversation from behind. And keeping account of each whack and insult to take out on us later 😛

Ka still is here. Trying to get rid of his corns now, which had started with an ear infection 😛

Spending very little time with TheGirl these days 😦 Both of us at work leaves us with only a few hours a week together 😦

One weekend though, got to goto Dakshin Chitra with her and the Tortoise. He so totally cracks her up. Starts humming and she starts laughing 😛 Maybe I got immune cos of the time I’ve known him and spent with him, pillion.

The city, in the middle of the night, while in the passenger seat of a dying Honda City, in black and white..

Dakshin Chitra was nice 🙂

End of Lunch 😛

Went to ECR a few times, changed a tyre on a car in the middle of the night once..

The things you find on the beach 😛

Muttukadu, Sunset..

Met an old firend yesterday after years. Brer B was one of the toppers in school. He finished and then went away to become a priest. Spent some time catching up with him yesterday. He has come down on a 15 day break. Was nice to reconnect with old school friends, remember shit. Might goto school tomorrow to play bball even with some old mates 🙂

Was bloody bugged/pissed day before night.

The whole city was lit up with extra tubelighting for the Chief Ministers fiftieth year as legislator.

I wont even go near the part where people say that he hasnt actually completed 50 years.

The celebrate this momentous event, his family had a feud between his sons.
And three innocent people dide.

The city was lit with close to a lakh tubelights, causing several powercuts. Serial lights draped with scant regard for private property.

A few thousand cutouts and posters. Each would have easily cost about a lakh.

Ten lakh people bussed in for the event along with the Prime Minister, who,most probably, flew in on the taxpayers money.

The teeming masses who were brought here would have had transport, food and booze supplied to them free, or else they would not have come.

Because of these, half the city was shut from Friday afternoon. Companies shut down half day because of the expected problems due to the family feud.

The thing is, the whole thing would have cost crores. Lots of crores.

If he was really doing service to the people, why not spend the money on them? is what this reminds me of.

So that they could not be caught similary, the whole show was put up and removed in three days. Magnificent planning and execution.

In the end, with such organising capability, so much money, the state would have benifitted, no, the people would have benefitted, those who really need the money.

I’m no saint, but I dont waste stuff like this.

Instead of all this, he could have fed hungry poor people.

He could have created shelter for the homeless.

He could have used the same organising skills of his party members for helping people out, doing good, but no.

In the end, he will still be remembered fondly. For if anyone remembers him otherwise, they will be beaten up and shit like that.

Such is our world.

Music : Maroon 5 ‘s new album
REM – Being the Begin.

Photo on Top : Me, by TheGirl

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