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February 26, 2008

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5:20 AM on the 3rd of Jan 2008.
Happy New Year All! 🙂

Sent the last few days away from my hometown in Delhi/Rajasthan on vacation. Currently returning on a flight which left Delhi at 4:45 AM. This post is going to get grumpy.

Luckily the flight has been rather empty. Got an aisle seat, and the middle seat is empty.Using aunts lappie to good effect to fight the boredom on my 2.5 hour flight. iPod was found to have died sometime. So hint, hint to all those who want to get me something 😛 You can even get a refurbished iPod from the Apple store. Would prefer large storage with video 😀

Chap next to me just got some water out of the air hostesses. Seems to be his fist flight. Was sommunicating fine, till he decided to use stuff in hindi without pointing to his seat belt. Which of course was out of my purview. Thankfully the air hostess who had given him his water was around and told him he needn't pay 😛

Yes I is that bad, Also I am taken, so random well wishers may stop maiing me with offers of help. All you will get is a "Thank You, but NO" and your emails will be deleted. if I see the same subject line, then I might not even reply. Which of course many of you are used to for other mails as well.

Sorry about that 😦 And for the lack for the lack of posts. Been generally busy and lots of rather painful stuff going on in life as well. Was so effing fed up with life in general that this whole trip, I have been away from email and mobile. Completely for the mail and mostly for the mobile.

Gaah. The one problem with aisle seats on an economy airline. Airhostess selling stuff with carts, stopping flow of words.

Weird airhostess on the way in to Delhi. One rather skeletal one was giggling through the safety instructions while taking off after the first stopover at Hyd. Nice one just now. Aircraft fully dark and she came in and switched on reading light, which makes it so much easier to see the kbd. Parul I thinks it is. Thanks Sista!


Somehow is still prefer SpiceJet to IndiGo. Must be perception issues. And the fact that I can get frequent flier miles on SpiceJet if they ever open one scheme like that on it.

oooo 80% battery. More mokkai per mile 😛

Dad was rather sick around the begining of December. In hospital for about a week and was in vey bad shape that time. After about one point five months of recuperating is back to work now.

More turbulence. This aircraft in general is rather more noisy than normal. And there is so much darn turbulence, I think I will be killing my own record for not having barfed on board for so many years. The ice tea inside me is going to come out from the looks of it. Uncle had given me a half bottle of Johnnie walker Black label. Said take a sip a day and enjoy it. Was planning on doing just that and acquiring the taste, but the chaps at the x Ray made me take it off during check in, saying that the bottle was not sealed and hence cannot be taken 😦 Had to return it with my cousin, according to whom rum pani is a nice drink but rum and coke is pansy 😦 Will get nice bottle of old monk once done with fligt and getting settled in. Think I will have a sip a day of rum to make up for missed whisky 😀 Yes I know they dont compare.
Gonna sleep for a bit now. Goodnight 🙂

24-Feb-2008 – My new laptop is also a HP dv6000, and I finally retrieved this from my aunts lappie 😛

Trip was brilliant.
Photos will be posted later.

Initially went to Delhi by SpiceJet and landed with the green apple splatter. Suspect being some doughnut I had at Chennai airport.
Got picked up at the airport, and then went to my uncle and aunts brilliant place at Lodhi Estate. Nice old house, and really really huge lawn, with brilliant greenery, and some very nice birds 🙂 Had lunch with my aunt and then spent some time sitting in the winter sun chatting. Oh, btw, since it was December, it was rather cold 🙂 Evening came and so did DD. Aunt kept complaining that my jacket was a windcheater and was not enough. Ended up wearing a sweater, thermals and the jacket. More layers than I ever remember. This was the day Bhutto got assasinated. Went to Connaught circus and then roamed a bit. Go rather sick by then and was hunting for a pharmacy. Painful part about this was the fact that there seemed to be no 24 hour pharmacy in Delhi. Also the locals were not too interested in giving directions to the one Appollo I located. All they would say is "aagae" [forward in Hindi]. Got home and slept like a log.

Next day, woke, and went to the Delhi Museum. Was brilliant. Saw the Nizams Jewels. one thiing I never understood was, why spend that much to buy those and spend more in guarding them, when you cold spend those for the people of the nation. In the evening we left for Jodhpur and got there the next morning.

In the next few days we had a lot of fun. Kinda forgotten all I wanted to write, will write more later.

A Lot Like Love is a brilliant movie. Not because it is brilliant, but more because it is brilliant 😉

Yes, I know my previous travelogue is also not complete yet..


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  1. Thanks for stopping by. I loved the movie too.

    Comment by nivedita — April 2, 2008 @ 12:46 pm

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