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January 7, 2007


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The city is finally waking up.
Following image is of a dustbin in Beasant Nagar.
Also seen.Playboy and Cooptex cobranded Dustbins made out of rabbits.
Said Rabbits have been cut and gutted and then put up on Thiruvanmiyur beach, for people to throw their garbage into them. Seem to need the above note on them too, as quite a few miss.
Ended with the sunset at Kotturpuram bridge.
Taken a bit too late to be seen in full glory, but nice none the less 🙂

Watching : Major League and The History of the World Part 1.
Listening : Free Bird by Lynrd Skynrd…Amazing Solo…
Reading : Basic BGP Configuration 😛


December 10, 2006

Good Morning Sar…

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And I thought I was the only one who used to say Good Morning at weird times of day.

Today while coming back from Beasant Nagar beach with B, through the blue cross router, we were stopped by the cops for checking.

After checking Bs license and letting us off, we heard the cop talk to a superior on the radio, as we were pulling away.

He started the conversation with “Sar, Good Maarning Sar.”

And I just realised i said router instead of route.
And that I am using route instead of road.

Been having a bit of fun for the past month or so.Quite a bit. Thats what has been keepin me sane.

Essentially, saturday nights we dont get home before 2 AM.

Saw Casino Royale.
Good Movie, new JB is pretty good.

Very convincing and all that.

B and Thumper were to join the doctor, rg and me for the movie.
They land up about 10 minutes late.

As usual, Thumper was to blame. Apprently came at 10 for 10:15 show to pick B up. And then slowly filled fuel. And then tried to convince B that the time was 9:50 by showing his watch.

Still had fun. T then asked B a few days later if he had seen Casino Royale.
After sitting next to him through the whole movie minus ten minutes at the start.

The two of them went and saw VV last monday. Cos I was too busy to go see Dhoom2 wit them.
Today T asked B if he had seen VV.

Fascinating fella, this T. And his Jaanu.
Who is the real thumper when there is no starting trouble.

I always say the love is one sided.From T to Jaanu and not reciprocated.
Oh never mind.

Last weekend went the Pondy.
Left around 6 AM and had breakfast at the Mamalla Anexxe.
The got to Alahambara for a boat ride.
Chap took us to a nearby island and then back.
On the way back I had a bright idea.Asked him to drop us off at the centre of the ruins instead of the edge.
Which he tried to execute.
And then we ended up wading through ankle deep water ‘cos the boat ran aground on some sand bank.

Went into auroville after losing the way a couple of times.Werent able to go to the Matr Mandir, so had lunch and made our way to Chunnambar and took the boat to the island.

Had a couple of beers, tried playing cricket and ended up playing catch.

Went back to the mainland and then the normal gang (Scam, DJ, Das, Kr) split to go buy DVD’s.
We (B, the tortoise and self) went to the rock beach. And then to the Promenade to enquire the rates.
Ended up having the best cold coffee ever at the Cafe le Soleil.

Came back late at night, listening to B talk.

Which he does more of than me 😛

Organinsing team outing tmrw…hope its a sucess.
Would be the last one for more than one of the team.
Both ppl who I will miss.

Current Playlist:
Lynard Skynard : Freebird
Lisa Loeb : Stay
Wyclef Jean : Gone ’til November

Stuff I havent heard or heard in a long time.
Stay is lovely.
Wish I could say that to someone and then have it happen.

Every time I make a run, girl, you turn around and cry
I aks myself why, oh why
See, you must understand, I cant work a 9 to 5
So Ill be gone til november….

December 3, 2006

Unhibernate :-)

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Unhibernating after a long time.
Two comp crashes and a lot of data lost.
Lots happening, less time to write about it…

Among other things, went to Yelagiri and Yercaud on bike.
Had a lot of fun. Over 2000 km run on these out of twon trips.
Off to Pondy tmrw with Bharat, my pal from orkut.

Bday happened. Cakeless yet another year.

CuznBro turned up one day late.
Got me a new helmet.
The helmet he had been using while flying his MiG21 🙂

K is bak in town…not met yet, but that should be a while, considering
she is always busy. And has forgotten to call me as she had promised sometime earlier today.

The cousin from France came.Aunt also came.Spent some time with them.
Usual questions as to when I intend to visit.
Aunt was rather bugged. And gave it to me 😦

Ahh well, the siamese twin had come earlier around August.
Made him buy my camera from the US0fA…about the biggest purchase made after my bike.
And tied with my computer. Actually 200 bucks less.

He also got me some Bailey’s Irish Cream.CuznBro is in France now.
Making him get me some again.Gotten kina addicted to it.

And, he also got me and iPOD video. One that died in a month and then
had to be replaced under warranty, but then I gots iPOD video now 🙂

One that travels with me on my bike, playing moojiks all the time 🙂

Plan for new year are afoot.Plan A has sorta crashed.
Plan B is being formed…lets see what works out 🙂

Is about all.
Only, I haven’t got cake at all for another year 😦

Evryone gets one except me.

Created with : vi Editor.
Music : None.
Mood : Nearly Sleepy.

September 16, 2006


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It rained and I was trying to sleep. Wish I could have slept under the rain….maybe it would’ve washed it all away…Memories…One picture can make them all come back, the repressed image of her smile, the voice that sings the song, the song that I end up singing no matter what other song I am singing…I leave at 4 am tomorrow…and ride to Yelagiri..250 km away…a trip that seemed to be stillborn, but has kind of taken shape…inspite of Scam’s chickenguniya…let see.

Oh and if ur reading this K below is a pic of my helmets 🙂

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August 31, 2006


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Too Tired to find 2 more links…standingonthebox is fun to read, kevinsites is good…
another recommended blog, esp the latest post is
yet another : 🙂

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Happy Birfday 🙂

August 28, 2006

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After one week of sitting at home, half bed ridden with high bp…finally going back to work.And wake up with a headache…aarrghhh…i hate this…I dont want to go back to work now 😦

August 24, 2006


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It was K’s birfday on 16th Aug and we went out to dinner on the 17th. Dinner was The Crown.

Now the Crown has two places where you can sit.There is the inside which is a normal restaurant and then there is the outside deck.The deck has a beautiful view of the city….some 7-8 floors above and the beautiful city at night spread out below.Marred only by the sight of Saravana Stores on on side.But if you go late enough, the place wont be visible.

I got to the towers and was waiting for K who had gone off to get all beautiful and all. Place with a history for me, of sorts….this was where my best pals sisters reception was held some years back and has a lot of memories. He is in India on vacation and was in blore for the week, so tried calling him then, but couldnt get thro 😦

After a bit of waiting and getting stomach burnt by looking at the SriLankan food festival, I went up and was informed that due to a light drizzle, the deck could not be used. So I took an inside table and started on a Tall Islander when K turned up. And then we went off to the deck, cos the rain stopped 😀

There we had a couple more drinks and wanted to order the main course. We settled on the Signature Kebab Platter and told this to the waiter.

Us : We’ll have the Signature kebabs.
Waiter: large or two large.
Us (thinking aout size of platter) : Will one large be enough for two or should we have two?
Waiter (rather flumoxxed) : One should be ok

Waiter goes away and we are wondering.

Chap returns with on glass of Signature, large and vague smug look on face. Signature, for those who dont know is Whiskey.

We then have a nice laugh, send it back and then go onto order correctly from waiter who knew what was on menu.

And later regretted sending the drink back.

Dinner went well, we had fun, we ordered dessert and were about to leave when the birthday cake finally arrived.

: For dessert I had tiramisu and K had an expresso..and she wanted demerara with it.
The waiter on being asked for this : “I hope we dont have demerara, let me check” 😀

Ah well….longer post in abit.Lotsa stuff happening, I am unwell and at home.

Worst part being K not in town. I miss u muchly…come back 😦

July 13, 2006


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Music : Dixie Chicks : Not Ready To Make Nice

Was talking to a colleague at work today.General discussion going on and at one point she was like, if she wasnt commited, she would have picked me. Was rather surprised.Long time since anyone said something nice to me, wht with ppl either telling me I look butt ugly, or picking up stuff from school to put me down.

The second thing had me rather upset for a bit. Being made fun of by a teacher in front of a while class ….never mind.But this one off hand remark, most prob not meant…has got me out of the dep 🙂

The first point also hurts, but wth. It isnt something I worry about too much.

But then the other thing was almost made everything I have done since then, where I was and where I have come now seem pointless.Achievements screwed.

Never mind. Going back to sleep and praying for those in Mumbai.

July 8, 2006

Back to Blogspot :)

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Music : The Wallflowers:How Good Can It Get
Back to blogspot from livejournal.After the last fiasco, I decided that I would not really give a shit if anyone had issues with my blog anymore. Hence the change back and the new template for the blog 🙂 The main reason why I cam back to blogspot is the template can be changed as much as I want to. Gonna start learing to code in TCL properly in some time.

Among other things have shifted completely to Linux. Using the latest release of Ubuntu and in the spirit of all things *NIX, writing this post on GVIM editor…Nothing like notepad being used. Maybe later to add the html tags I will use the OpenOffice version of word, but for now its all :wq style. GVIM is a more friendly version of Vi. Not that most of you would know or use either. I kind like the vi editor since I work with it all day. Simply put, with a few keyboard shortcuts, the mouse use is minimised drastically. Though GVIM is taking some getting used to. Vi is different to use.So using vi with terminal now.

Enough of that 😀

Got back some twenty minutes ago.Was out with my orkut-ster friend Bharat and another friend of his.Went to his office and played cricket on the terrace. Was fun.Especially since the open terrace was the bowling area and the batsman stands at the entrance to the terrace which is a small room of sorts. Was good fun including the two occasions the ball fell into the houses on either side and the few where it fell down the stairs into the house below 🙂

Going for Imsai Arasan now….One movie with Vadivelu as the hero..should be good fun 🙂

Back from the movie. Was quite a bit of fun. At the right moments, just as the movie would get serious the jokes would flow. And some of the names were hilarious. Like this poet who is called Vanaputra Onandi. And a new word called “Dariyal”. Which is supposed to mean something like broken.And which I suppose will gain popularity as more people watch the movie. The movie is very likely to be a hit.

Free Image Hosting at

On the whole was a good movie, except for a bit of language chauvinism at the end, but that would be playing to the masses. One good scene is where the twins are united and an old man says that he foresaw it. When asked how, he (in an aside to the audience only) says that if there are seperated twins, how else can a movie go…another is at the end where along with Kattabomman, Vadivelu asks people to be inspred by Braveheart Mel Gibson. Most ppl dint get the that all the ppl he talks about fought the British 😀

Had been to one of my class type’s wedding out of town. We went as a class, as many as we could get. I forgot and realised over again, how much politics are there in the small class of 33 we are in. The oter gang acted decidedly cheap and were not communicative at all, when they could have just said something out and that would have been done. But somethings they did later was really cheap and pissed me off totally.Along with some stuff one of them said. Completely fucked up. I regert actually going there together when we could have just taken our bikes along and gone and not botered at all.S says we will do it again and we will forget, but I doubt I will.This is one time too many. Among other shit, is the fact that the so called “A Section” – the other gang – have never ever seen it fit to come along with us whenever we invite them out. Nor have they ever made any attempt to go out with us. But they still talk to us and act nice. Which really pisses me off.

The two weeks the Bihari Lunch guy wasnt in town screwed my stomach up. I was eating the food from the office lunch caterers and had a ver bad experience. I dont understand how ppl eat that shit day in and day out and never complain.

The weekend following the wedding Scam, DJ, JR and I went to pondy. Landed there on Saturday night and realised that the booze shops were closed cos of the elections. Watched France play that night and then the next day got slodhed. KR had 3 beers and then tried a large Bacardi and *soda* 😛 bottoms up. At which point he went bonkers and tried a lot of stuff and went on and on in english. Scam just rolled over and slept. Finally KR got up and then the booze really hit him. On the way out, he threw up twice and then was conked out till we ended up at his place in Velachery.

The next day went to Superman Returns. Movie was pretty ok. A bit long, but ok on the whole. Brandon Routh was a pretty convincing Superman. Liked the movie.

Went shopping the day we went to Pondy with S. Picked up a pair of jeans and then *finally* got her a laptop bag she liked. Was with her for a while a day earlier and found out some stuff I hadnt known earlier. Was kina upset, but then she is one of my closest friends and kina sister as well. In case ur reading this… >:D<

Bought a pair of sneakers finally to replace my old walking shoes..Started walking in the morning again today 🙂

I missed you so much this morning. I dont think I will ever not miss you again. Its been 6 years since u left…and in those six years I’ve loved you the same.RIP >:D< . And I miss you too.

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